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ReFLEXXA procedure
for Lower Back and Neck Pain



Most Advanced
Spine Regenerative Procedure
For Lower Back And Neck Pain

Discover a new you with ReFLEXXA:
  • Improved Low back and neck pain

  • Regenerative and non-surgical

  • No Risk of Traditional Surgery

  • No Stitches, Scalpel or Cutting

  • No General Anesthesia

  • Improved flexibility and mobility

Back and neck pain are significant health issues affecting millions of people each year, with a large percentage of patients failing to respond to traditional pain management treatments including surgeries. In 2016, among the 154 conditions, low back and neck pain had the highest health care spending in the United States with an estimated $134.5 billion.

Please note that a consultation with Dr G is required prior to starting ReFlexxa Regenerative Procedure. Now for a limited time, consultation with Dr G is Complementary. So, contact us now and find out if ReFlexxa is the best option for your neck or low back pain.


Spine Regenerative Procedure for 
Low Back And Neck Pain

A unique non-surgical regenerative procedure to decrease pain and increase mobility and flexibility.

After decades of extensive research and experience, Dr. Hardesh Garg, MD, has now developed ReFLEXXA - a cutting-edge, patent-pending, non-surgical, spine regenerative procedure to help people with low back and neck pain. 

Many of our satisfied ReFLEXXA patients had already tried traditional medical treatments and even surgery in the past without relief. ReFLEXXA Spine Regenerative Procedure helps you with easing pain and discomfort and improving flexibility and mobility in your neck and lower back areas.

Dr Garg also has years of experience helping sports injuries and performance in professional athletes from NFL, NHL, Soccer and other sports. Regenerative therapies help you increase performance and also avoid dangerous surgeries for your sports injuries.

ReFLEXXA is a highly advanced and cutting-edge regenerative procedure, compared to commonly performed by other centers and physicians in the United States or in other countries.  


Three pillars of ReFLEXXA Spine Regenerative Procedure: (Personalized to individual needs as medically indicated.)

  1. Enhancing your body’s regenerative capacity 

  2. Decrease the inflammation in the treatment areas 

  3. Ultrasound-guided, targeted procedure with regenerative cells 


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