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Hardesh K. Garg, MD, affectionately known as
Dr. G to his patients,  is an expert in regenerative, anti-aging and integrative medicine
Hardesh K. Garg, MD

Dr. G is a leading physician in the United States specializing in emerging and exciting field of Regenerative Medicine. As a pioneer in this merging field, Dr G has over 20 years of experience in regenerative therapies and procedures using fat and bone marrow stem cells, Platelet-rich plasma, peptides, exosomes, macroglobulins and other regenerative products.


Patients from all over the US, and around the world (including Europe, Middle-East, Asia, Australia, Hong Kong and many other countries) have travelled to seek his expert treatments and protocols. He has also helped many celebrities and professional players from NFL, NHL, soccer, tennis and various other sports.


He is a purpose-driven physician and seasoned entrepreneur. Dr. G is an Internal Medicine Specialist and has decades of experience in the medical field. As a researcher, clinician and innovator in healthcare and life sciences, Dr Garg has been helping patients with chronic diseases, problems of aging and issues with athletic performance.


Affectionately known as “Dr. G” to his patients,  he has designed specialized regenerative medicine protocols to boost health, metabolic and immune system and decrease chronic “bad” inflammation in your body, thus increasing the desired results for his patients.

He has served as clinical assistant professor at the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Florida School of Medicine and at the University of South Florida School of Medicine. He has extensive experience in conduction all phases of preclinical as well as human clinical trials and has conducted these trials for multiple major international pharmaceutical companies. He has also worked as sub-investigator in a National Institute of Health-funded research study seeking genetic information on obesity. He was also a speaker for major International Pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Glaxo and Bristol- MyersSquibb.

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