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ReFlexxa Procedure for Low Back and Neck Pain.

Non-surgical regenerative solution to treat low back and neck pain
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Science-Backed and Personalized 

Your Shortcut to Freedom From Low Back and Neck Pain

A proven on-surgical regenerative solution fueled by cutting-edge scientific discoveries and proven results. 

ReFlexxa is a revolutionary regenerative procedure that is proven, trusted and is science-backed. This non-surgical procedure  is designed by Dr G, MD after two decades of research and clinical experience with hundreds of patients. ReFlexxa provides freedom from debilitating low back and neck pain.

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Spine Regenerative Procedure for 
Low Back And Neck Pain

A unique non-surgical regenerative procedure to decrease pain and increase mobility and flexibility.

ReFLEXXA is a highly advanced and cutting-edge regenerative procedure, compared to commonly performed by other centers and physicians in the United States or in other countries.  


Three pillars of ReFLEXXA Spine Regenerative Procedure: (Personalized to individual needs as medically indicated.)

  1. Enhancing your body’s regenerative capacity - Healing and regeneration occurs from within. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to enhance body’s cellular regenerative power for best results. Your cellular health is first assessed with comprehensive testing that includes regenerative biomarkers and genetic testing. You are then prescribed personalized FDA-approved regenerative products based on your test results. This stimulates and enhances your regenerative cell function to achieve best results.​

2. ​​Decrease the inflammation in the treatment areas - It is a well-recognized fact now that chronic inflammation damages cells and tissues and decreases body’s healing capacity. Therefore, before implanting any regenerative products, this hurtful local inflammation is decreased with FDA-approved bioactive products.  Inflammation, and therefore pain, is reduced once this incredibly beneficial product is injected.  


3. ​Ultrasound-guided, targeted procedure with regenerative cells - FDA-compliant regenerative procedure is performed under Ultrasound guidance to precisely target injured areas. Procedure follows FDA-guidelines and is FDA-compliant. This is followed with a highly individualized after-care regimen that includes custom supplements and regenerative medications, along with a world-class physical therapy program designed by one of the NFL team’s Head Athletic Trainer.

Please note that a consultation with Dr G is required prior to starting ReFlexxa Regenerative Procedure. Now for a limited time, consultation with Dr G is Complementary. So, contact us now and find out if ReFlexxa is the best option for your neck or low back pain.
Now it's possible to finally get real relief from your
long term low back and neck pain 
Measure Your Biological Age & Biomarkers


Schedule your complimentary

Consultation with regenerative expert

Dr G, MD

During initial consultation, Dr G will assess your full medical history, any previous treatments and review and/or order imaging to fully understand your problems and overall health. We assess your body's healing capacity to achieve best possible results from ReFlexxa regenerative procedure. This way we objectively know how your body is currently functioning and what needs to be done to achieve best possible results for you.

Get A Plan Made Just For You


Get A Treatment Plan Made Personalized Just For You

Medical information and data is only as good as the expert interpreting it. Dr Garg in an expert in regenerative medicine with 20 years of experience in caring for his patients. Based on your medical history, biomarkers and medical needs, you will get ultra-personalized and experienced clinical insight to develop a ReFlexxa Procedure just for you. Based on your medical data, plan may include just one procedure or a series of procedures over 6 to 12 weeks. Members who use our ReFlexxa Regenerative Procedure experience positive changes with decreased pain, and discomfort, as well as improved mobility and flexibility.

Track Progress & Keep Improving


Receive treatment in our private office

Based on the treatment plan developed, you will receive regenerative procedure/s in our medspa-like relaxing, private office. If desired and as medically indicated, after the procedure, your progress and biomarkers are objectively monitored and tracked and updated to help you maintain your desired results.

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